Hieronder de originele oproep van het Feministisch Sociaal Centrum / kraakpand in Madrid La Eskalera Karakola. Klik voor een Nederlandse vertaling. De originele tekst staat ook op hun website.

Dear Friends,

As many of you already know, over two years ago the Eskalera Karakola launched a project to recuperate and rehabilitate the building it presently occupies in order to build a Feminist Social Center. Now the charges pressed by the owner of the building leave us little room for maneuver and will soon put an abrupt end to this project: the trial is on the 14th of December, and to take part in it we would have to pay 25,000 euros.

Logically enough we don¹t have this money, and for this reason among others, we will not have justice. No doubt we would lose anyway. The City Administration, despite our efforts to open a process of negotiation to resolve the conflict, has not formulated any concrete commitments though they have made all kinds of useless gestures. We keep on tugging.

We are talking about a relocation which would permit the continuation of this initiative. We also don't want to abandon the idea of Embajadores 40, the current building. We don't want to renounce what we believe to be just. As we always say: perpetuating vital projects is a question of political will. The eviction of the Eskalera Karakola, in any case, is a great paradox.

Because in the Administration they are talking a great deal about 'major advances' in the situation of women: they talk about parity, reconciliation, equality, emancipation. They talk about how we just have to 'take one step forward' because, they say, we have already come all this way on that long path from the caves to here. Alright, they say, one more step and that's enough.

But this path goes through the victimization, domestication and disempowerment of women. Women, yes, but as victims, as objects of
assistanceS As subjects, collective feminist subjects, then no. When we are autonomous no, when we leap into the public sphere and make demands no, as interlocutors definitely no. When we speak and construct living movements, then the public powers respond: invisibilization, instrumentalization, capture, cutting of subventions, eviction. When we say: domination does not disappear, it changes, adopting new forms: the increasing precariousness of existence, reconciliation but only by women, legal racism, spectacularized violence, crisis of care, sexual normalization in consumption, daily global wars... all of that NO.

But feminism is not just an institutional instrument. And the path we are traveling doesn't end, it transforms on shifting ground, and not necessarily for the better.

The 11th of DECEMBER we want to rupture these contradictions. We want to make visible all the networks which we weave every day, creating feminism from our potency. We want to express the excess that we are for power. The excess that maintains a living movement, that doesn't allow itself to be trapped, that is irreducible and functions both inside and outside and in the margins of institutions, in spaces of autonomy. We want to reconquer and celebrate our capacity to make active decisions as political subjects, subjects of a living feminism, not an assisted one.

The 11th of DECEMBER we want to take the street, see if we are capable of articulating that old desire to create many 8 of March, because we are here and we have a lot to say. Occupy the public space of Madrid. All the women's groups (and their friends). Construct a scenario from our own plurality and from our differences. We would like for each group to bring its own slogans, its own demands and proposals. Because the eviction of the Karakola is more than just the Karakola: it is the contradiction within which we find ourselves every day in all our political activities.

May the 11th of DECEMBER be a mark of feminist visibility, a political tool to erupt into the daily life of this city. And a bid of this kind means nothing without all of you. We want to invite you, in complicity, to construct this day together: those of you that are here and those of you from other places. That you come to Madrid to take the streets, to bid for the feminism which we are already inventing every day.

... and many thanks to all of you for being there.

SATURDAY 11 DECEMBER 2004. 19.00h

c/embajadores 40, 21.00h


For those groups or individuals coming from outside Madrid: in order to facilitate your stay, write to us at karakola@sindominio.net There will be a center to sleep in (bring a sleeping bag) and/or houses in which some people can stay. Even if you don¹t need help finding a place to stay, please let us know if you are comingS

A feminist body in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by a brute force which modifies or domesticates it.


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